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Waterpump is a connected nutrient and ph doser, consisting of 4 peristaltic pumps.

controlling the level of ph and fertilizer in your installation is essential to ensure a good harvest, both in quality and quantity.
combined with waterbrain , waterpump automates the dosing of your fertilizers and ph.
you can store your pipettes/syringes/measuring vessels. waterpump takes care of everything!

note: a waterbrain is mandatory to use a waterpump doser


  • dosage of 4 solutions: 4 max for ec, 1 max for ph+/ph- (4 if bpt reinforced tubes sold separately given their cost)
  • automatic pump control with the greenponik app, or manual with the side buttons
  • possibility of adding additional waterpump on a waterbrain (20 pumps max in total)
  • dosing accuracy to the milliliter

waterpump is delivered with all the necessary accessories to ensure high quality dosages:
  • mixing pump to inject each solution and distribute it in the main tank
  • 4 dosing pumps including one dedicated to ph+ and ph-
  • injection module for sucking water from the main tank, injecting the solutions into it and returning it under pressure
  • wall bracket

Stock : 2/2
Hibernate consumption 5 W
Activity consumption 15 W
Min power supply 12 V
Max power supply 12 V
Source supply Secteur Dc
Connectivity Wifi 802.11 B G N
Compliance Ce Rohs

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