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Waterbrain is a controller dedicated to monitoring the nutrients and ph of your water

controlling the level of ph and fertilizer in your installation is essential to ensure a good harvest, both in quality and quantity.
the tedious daily measurements with your instruments are over.
waterbrain performs them continuously and alerts you when needed.
easy to maintain, and equipped with industrial sensors, it will take care of your plants for a long time!

the waterbrain connects to the greenponik app via wifi to display all the information about your installation:
- nutrients (ec)
- acidity (ph)
- water temperature
- air temperature
- air humidity
- light

the waterbrain is delivered with all the accessories necessary for precise monitoring of your environment:
- industrial ec probe (with integrated temperature reading)
- industrial ph probe
- support for probes and fertilizer injection (when used with waterpump)
- wall bracket

note: ec and ph calibration solutions aren't provided as it would greatly increase the difficulty for us to ship outside of france

Stock : 47/47
Hibernate consumption 5 W
Activity consumption 15 W
Min power supply 12 V
Max power supply 12 V
Source supply Secteur Dc
Waterproof No
Connectivity Wifi 802.11 B G N
Compliance Ce Rohs

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