"this is the end"

Dear Customers, suppliers and Visitors,
We are so sorry to inform that as of this morning, the French tribunal of commerce of Orléans has decided to close our company. This means we are now in the obligation to stop all activity.

The past few years have been a real challenge on multiple fronts, to name a few:

Last summer, we put in place a strategic plan in order to drastically cut our spendings on all fronts and focus on our customers and deliver them the best product quality.

But, after all the sacrifices and efforts, the results weren’t enough. This news is heartbreaking for us as it represents 5 years of intense work, and more if we count the early years of experimentations.

We’ve created our devices in a way that they would continue to work even without servers. Which means all our customers can continue to use their device as long as they’re on the same WiFi network.

We would like to thank all the people who believed in this project and helped to make it a reality and hope the green revolution will prevail.

for any questions or informations feel free to contact us at

The GreenPonik Team

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